From Pastor Will Nelson

Dear Friends in Faith, We have been engaging the ‘sheltering in place’, if possible, for almost eight weeks with weeks still to go. This rather strange experience has played out different for all of us in unique ways and with different meaning. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you as I know all our daily routines have been altered in one way or another. We have never experienced anything like this before and, I personally, feel we are still on a steep learning curve of how our lives are being reshaped by this worldwide catastrophe.

We are presently meeting on Sunday, 10:30 am while adhering to “social distancing” and wearing of masks. This allows us to bring in music to at least present us with our hymns.

In these evolving days of COVID-19, the months ahead are uncertain. We enter our fourth month of the pandemic; there are days when it seems easy to be on information overload. At times, the information appears contradictory. I am also aware, and I say this very carefully, that our sources of the news and information about the trajectory of this virus are varied and, in a few cases, offer vastly different perspectives on the same situation. It is true that the steps of mitigation we have taken so far have been ‘successful’ in preventing the health/medical care system from becoming overwhelmed.

The season of Pentecost extends from Pentecost Sunday all the way until the beginning of Advent on Thanksgiving weekend. It is a long stretch in the liturgical calendar! The scripture texts for this season bring us the foundational stories of God’s covenant with the Old Testament and Gospels according to Jesus of Nazareth. Our Gospel readings focus primarily on the Matthew and draw us into the personality and teaching stories of Jesus.

Come and join us. Whoever you are, from wherever you are on life’s journey, we welcome you.

We are a small, intimate congregation of people of faith nestled amidst the Chequamegon – Nicolet National Forest.

We believe we should “love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind” and also “love your neighbor as yourself.”

We are an open congregation and invite you to please join us if you want to have a relationship to God in Christ.